Lethbridge Co-ordination (Personal Assistants)

$40 per hour


Personal Shopping
Pick up/Drop off Services (Dry cleaning, prescriptions, etc.)
Parcel Shipping


Holiday Set Up/Take Down
Santa Service
Gift Wrapping


Laundry (Wash, Iron, Fold)
Service Waits
Home Watch Service
Household Management

Personal Assistants and Concierge services are not just for executives making large salaries. Perhaps you are a hockey or dance family that needs a helping hand seasonally or just a busy family who simply needs help from time to time – we are here for you.

Are you having work done at your home and still need to be at work? We can help with that too!

Once you purchase time, there is no expiry. Use it this year or next, it’s entirely up to you!

Do you need something and it is not listed? Give us a call and let us know what you need. As long as it’s legal and ethical we can help!