Lethbridge Personal Assistant Testimonials

When I decided to start my new business, I had no idea how I was going to manage to set up my new office space, which needed a lot of work, while continuing to work long hours with my demanding career. Robin to the rescue!
She helped me determine what I needed to set up my space and researched all my options for purchasing furniture and equipment, which she then provided to me. This really saved me a lot of time, which as a busy professional always seems to be in short supply. All I had to do was read the information, make the decisions, and let her know what I wanted so that she could secure the items for me.
She also helped coordinate having telephone and internet services installed, and made herself available to meet with the installers, again saving me time in my already packed days.
Robin is dependable and trustworthy and I am already thinking of all the ways I will be able to use her services in the future. I wouldn’t hesitate to call her to help me again.

~ A.L.W.

Robin is simply amazing! I know that is a strong comment, but it’s true. I consider myself to be a fairly organized person but we decided to move at 7 months pregnant. I was put on early leave the day we moved in and things didn’t quite get put away as I would have liked…. As the baby came and things got busier and more and more out of control I had a hard time even looking at the kitchen. That’s when I called Robin, she was fantastic from the get go! She came in, took some pictures, asked about our needs now and for the future, etc. When she came back the following week she was armed with baskets and several different organizing options. 5 hours later the kitchen was a brand new space! its been several months now and I am happy to say that the kitchen is almost exactly as it was when she left. The tips, tools and tricks have worked for us, allowed us to keep everything we need in the kitchen and to continuously be organized.
Robin is easy going and great to work with. She listens to your families needs and looks at your space (disastrous as it may be) without judgement, just a vision for a more organized future!

Thank you!

~ D.

I hired Robin to help me clear out my deceased parent’s home, and couldn’t be more pleased with the result.  She is excellent to work with, and understands the myriad of emotions that come with clearing out a loved one’s possessions, where some items hold sentimental value that may not be readily apparent.
Robin was able to help me and my brother move through many rooms in the home quickly and thoroughly to get it ready for repairs and renovations. 

~ A.

Robin did a full reorganization of my Pantry. While she was cleaning out, throwing out expired groceries and reorganizing my products, I learned that a neat pantry is more efficient. With a neat pantry there is less waste as I can easily categorize what I have at a glance. I make sure to use my groceries before they are expired.
Robin was very professional in her demeanor. She is outgoing, witty, she listened to what I needed for my pantry to work for me and produced results!

~ L.B.

Robin was able to stream-line my storage room so that it is efficient and functional. It’s now a space that works for our family and is something that we have all been able to maintain. I no longer dread walking by the room – it’s now a useful space. Thanks F3!

~ E.T.